Cathy Tea’s Pen Pal Profile

Official Application for The Pen Pal Project

Name: Cathy Tea

Select your age bracket:  55-62

Profession: Web Editor and Adjunct English Professor

How many pen pals are your interested in acquiring? One – Two

What qualities do you seek in a pen pal? I would love a pen pal who enjoys writing about writing. I want to explore questions related to crafting a multi-layered story that weaves in and out of different realities and consciousnesses, and I would be eager to write to someone who has ideas and interests in these concepts and experiences.

I’m also interested in a pen pal who loves to write about her or his own writing. I want someone who is confident enough to ask questions, to admit when she or he doesn’t know something, and to share opinions, ideas, and advice when she or he has them!

I want someone who loves to suppose and to try on different ideas.

I would also like someone who is encouraging and kind and happy to disagree!

I want someone who won’t be afraid or upset when I share my ignorance, for I want to create together a community-of-two in which we can learn anything! And to be able to learn, I have to feel safe to say, “I don’t know,” “I don’t understand,” “I’m confused,” and “What if?”

I also need someone who is willing to read my expressions of my thoughts and feelings about climate change or whatever topics are my current interests and fascinations.

And I want someone who will share her or his current fascinations and interests, too.

And I will do my best to be for my pen pal everything that I describe I want here!

Do you have a desire to meet your pen pal face-to-face?  Is such a thing possible?

Please describe, in as much detail as possible, your reason for wanting to join the pen pal project:

I’ve just started playing the Murkland Starter Challenge. I’m enjoying it a lot! I considered doing an “Author’s Notes” section, but then I thought about how much fun it would be to be able to write to another Simmer and SimLit writer about the project. I’ll begin writing the story soon, and as I do, I want to be able to ask my pen pal questions about the writing–what works, what doesn’t, how to achieve specific effects I’m after, and other questions related to the craft of writing.

I’m also planning ahead: in a little less than two weeks, I’ll be done with a major project at work, one that’s occupied me for about a year, and I know that as I wind up one big project, I need to put in place many others so that I’ve got some kind of intellectual and creative activity to look forward to. So I recognize that setting this up now is part of that. I anticipate having loads of creative energy freed up this summer, and I guess I want to be able to share that with someone through an exchange of letters about writing, our fascinations and investigations, and Sims.

After you have reviewed your application and made any necessary revisions or corrections, please click “Submit.” Only click once. Do not click “Refresh” or the back button on your browser.

The Pen Pal Project will notify you by email within ten days of any suitable correspondents we find for you.

Thank you for your wishes to participate in this project, and happy writing!


2 thoughts on “Cathy Tea’s Pen Pal Profile

  1. This is a neat idea. I’d always be up to talking about writing and climate change and all. But I think I’ll try not to go crazy with the pen pals – as fun as it is – because I feel like I have tons of other stuff I want to do as well, aaand because I already sort of have a task in this particular story :). But we can always chat more in comments etc.

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