Open Your Eyes

In summary, our analysis of both historical model simulations and observational surface temperature data, strongly suggests that anthropogenic warming is impacting the zonal mean temperature profile in a manner conducive to wave resonance and a consequent increase in persistent weather extremes in the boreal summer. Combined with other additional proposed mechanisms for climate change impacts on extreme weather, this adds to the weight of evidence for a human influence on the occurrence of devastating events such as the 2003 European heat wave, the 2010 Pakistan flood and Russian heat wave, the 2011 Texas heat wave and recent floods in Europe.

Mann, Michael E., et al. “Influence of Anthropogenic Climate Change on Planetary Wave Resonance and Extreme Weather Events.” Nature News, Nature Publishing Group, 27 Mar. 2017, Accessed 4 June 2017.

Above all, we can allow ourselves to know that, ultimately, we get to decide what it all means and how it turns out…which is to take hold of the super-potential of the quantum void  to be found inside  of all things in creation; that’s everything we think of as most solid, including us. This is where we create from, this is where we are already whole, this is the aspect from which we get to lead the process of realising unity consciousness on this planet…guided from the “place” where it already resides. This is what it really means to “go quantum” and its an opportunity that awaits us all the very moment we choose from this place.

White, Helen. “Going Quantum.” Spinning the Light, 25 May 2017, Accessed 4 June 2017.

Arctic sea ice appears to have reached on March 7 a record low wintertime maximum extent, according to scientists at NASA and the NASA-supported National Snow and Ice Data Center (NSIDC) in Boulder, Colorado. And on the opposite side of the planet, on March 3 sea ice around Antarctica hit its lowest extent ever recorded by satellites at the end of summer in the Southern Hemisphere, a surprising turn of events after decades of moderate sea ice expansion.

Garner, Rob. “Sea Ice Extent Sinks to Record Lows at Both Poles.” NASA, NASA, 21 Mar. 2017, Accessed 4 June 2017.

The last I remember, I switched off my tablet before bed. I’d stayed up late, reading about the wavering jet stream, the increase in the Schumann resonance, the rapid melt of ice in Greenland.

I opened my eyes, and I’m here in this strange world.

Light shines through a blue and gold gauze.


I am struck by the beauty.

Light and color, without defined form, wrap me in a blanket.

I am here. I am alive. And I think I am well.


I am in a strange world. This must be the After.

I am in the After. And I am alive. And I think I am well.

And it is strange and beautiful.

I don’t see any mammals.

I see a bird!


There are birds! They made it. There are birds, and I am overjoyed!

There are birds, and life continues, and I am alive, and I am overjoyed, and I think I am well.

The desert is beautiful.


The desert is always beautiful, even now, when the air is super-charged with magnetism. Judging from the way my skin feels, from the rapid vibration of my cells, I estimate that the Schumann resonance must be at least 120 Hertz.

Maybe higher.

I try humming 440 A to catch the overtones with the earth’s magnetic resonance.

I can’t tell what it is, but it’s higher than 120. It seems to be resonating with the C below middle C, whatever that is. I think it’s around 146-something.

No matter. The air is super-charged, and I am alive, and there are birds, and everything is beautiful, and I think I am well.

The water looks strange.

I don’t think it should be that shade of blue.


But there are fish.

I don’t think I will eat them. But they are alive, and they appear to be well.


Or possibly not.


I will study them to see if they have experienced genetic mutations–or perhaps, adaptations.


There are frogs! There are frogs and they are alive and they are beautiful and we never thought that they would make it for we thought they’d be the first to go for they were in danger long ago, but here they are. Frogs. They are beautiful and they are alive and they don’t have five legs.

They have four.

Maybe I will breed them to learn more abut their adaptations to the increased magnetic resonance.

I don’t see any signs of mammals. No prints. No scat.

We always thought it was the tiny organisms that would go first: corals, sponges, nudibranchs, krill, plankton, snails.

But maybe it was the larger ones. Whales. Polar bears.

What will I eat? I don’t dare drink the water.

I am alive. I am here. I think I am well.

Flowers bloom. Were flowers always this bright? What is the effect of increased magnetism on plant life?

A morpho peleides hovers over daisies. A morpho! Butterflies are not extinct!


A monarch flies from the yucca to the sage. Monarchs made it.


Bees land on the desert marigolds. Pollinators survived.

If we have pollinators in the After, life continues.

I don’t know what I’ll eat or drink. I don’t know if I will survive. But if we have pollinators, frogs, fish, and birds, life will continue.

A dragon fly darts past. Through the crystalline gauze of its wings, light shines.


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12 thoughts on “Open Your Eyes

  1. I am so happy to read your chapter. What a neat way to begin, and your screenshots are gorgeous of the water and the fish — that was cute, I think he was smiling — and butterflies and dragonflies. Really nice, like you came out of your apocalyptic shelter and went exploring and wasn’t sure what was still out there. Love it!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. What a great beginning. I love all the screen shots. It’s like you came out of your apocalyptic shelter and went out to discover what is still alive. So cool. Have I missed it? What is your sim’s name? Or has she forgotten even who she is…. Great chapter!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Oh ! My Sim is CathyTea, but I’m not sure if she has a complete understanding of her identity . .. and the story is being written by CathyTea, my other Simself , who writes about the writing of this story with MedleyMisty in the Author’s Letters , which is part of the Pen Pal Project!


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